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If you’re in chronic pain and you’re not getting adequate relief from your treatment, this book is for you. You don’t have to “learn to live with your pain” or put up with unpleasant side effects from your medication. There are treatments available that could safely cure your pain.

The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments reviews the evidence for the safety and effectiveness of a wide variety of treatments as well as how organized medicine is keeping you from getting the care you need and deserve. It’s a comprehensive guide to avoiding the treatments that don’t work or are likely to cause harm and selecting the therapies that are most likely to promote healing.

Here are some of the things you will learn about in The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments...

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Cindy Perlin, LCSW

Cindy became highly motivated to learn about effective chronic pain treatments after she developed severe, disabling back pain in 1977 when she was 25 years old.

Doctors could not tell her what was wrong with her and they did not know how to help her. They prescribed drugs that did not work and that were potentially dangerous. After 3 ½ years of misery, a friend suggested that Cindy read Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins.

Cousins, when faced with a progressive, degenerative joint disease and presented with a hopeless prognosis, found his own way to healing through the mind/body connection and laughter therapy. Cousins also mentioned biofeedback in his book. Cindy found a biofeedback therapist and started to turn her life around after the first session. ...

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Has your doctor told you that there is nothing more he can do for your pain and you just have to learn to live with it?


There are many safe, effective pain treatments that your doctor knows nothing about. Most chronic pain conditions can be cured with the right treatments.

I would recommend her book to anyone with chronic pain looking for an informative overview of possible treatments.

Pat Anson, Pain News Network

A comprehensive, impeccably researched debut handbook that focuses on alternative treatments for chronic pain.

Kirkus Reviews

Well referenced and well written. I recommend it.

Andrew W. Saul, Author of Doctor Yourself and editor of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service

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