Smoking vs. Eating Marijuana

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If you’re using marijuana for medical purposes, which is better–inhaling it through smoking or vaporizing (vaping) or eating it?  There are pluses and minuses to both methods of administration, it turns out.  Inhaling it gives quick relief (60-90 seconds) and it’s easier to regulate the dose, but the effects are short-lived.  Eating it takes about 45 minutes to get an effect so it’s harder to regulate the dose at first, but the effects, including pain relief, last longer.

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3 Responses to "Smoking vs. Eating Marijuana"
  1. L. Holland says:

    Does the book explain Cannabis use for pain management? I’m interested in educating an “Old Schooler” who lives with chronic pain. yet practically refuses Pain meds, however doesn’t understand the natural approach….I

  2. Cindy Perlin says:

    Yes, the book covers cannabis for pain management as well as many other natural approaches to pain relief. Most pain patients don’t need meds to manage pain if they incorporate other natural approaches.

  3. Bill says:

    I don’t usually watch “weed videos” on youtube, but the one above is good. I also watched “Veterans w/PTSD smoke weed”…. Competition against the drugs of PhRMA is only one reason that cannabis was criminalized. It was once in the U.S. Pharmacopeia, as a legitimate herbal medicine. It’s even better, now, due to the higher potency, and knowledge of “strains”. Different types of cannabis have different effects profiles. Some types of weed are better for some purposes, and some methods of ingestion are better for certain effects. And, as a more traditional “medicine”, it’s the non-psychoactive cannabidinol, or CBD, that works wonders….. Thanks, Cindy! (I just met you earlier tonight on MadinAmerica….

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